Chris Burriss Bio

Voice acting has been Chris Burriss’ dream job ever since he can remember.

It started when he realized he could do impressions of cartoon characters for his friends to make them laugh. They especially liked it when Chris would use his “announcer voice” for play-by-play of their Mario Cart races. He was also involved in local theater for much of his youth.

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Chris graduated from the University of California Irvine as a drama major. However, he took a round-about path to his voiceover career—which turned out to be a good thing—working in the Materials Department of Simi Valley Hospital. His daily dealings with sales reps and customer service agents allowed Chris to develop strong communication skills and the confidence to step into voiceover work once and for all.

After auditioning, Chris was accepted into the popular training program Such A Voice, where he began to hone his sills including character accents and expressions, improvisation, voice emotion, and more. He continues with individual voice coaching to become one of the best in the voiceover business.

Chris has a voice tailor-made for success!



This innate talent has been developed and strengthened by working with well-established and highly gifted voice artists.

Lisa Cordileone
Current on-screen and voiceover actress.
Wendy Shapiro
Successful voice artist, actor, dancer, and comedian.
Sarah Sherman
Sought-after animation voiceover coach and dialogue director.
Nancy Wilson
Voice actress, coach, and host of Our Blue World. (Nancy said his voice reminded her of Bill Paxton.)
Steven Wahlberg
A highly successful voice artist, trainer at Such A Voice, and currently Chris’ mentor.

In addition to creating and producing demos, Chris has enhanced skills in:

  • Accents
  • Improvisation
  • Voice Emotions
  • Character Expression
  • And more!


chris burriss voices

Chris is non-union.


When not working or studying voice acting, Chris takes time to stay healthy with kickboxing and circuit training. Fun means going bowling or to the movies. Chris loves large-breed dogs and is a 90’s cartoon buff. His dream is to voice act in a Disney Pixar animated film.

Chris currently resides in Simi Valley, CA.